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Adela Ortega. La Alquimista. Alive Alchemy. Vive Alquimia. Alquimia


The Alchemist


Woman, lover, mother, traveler, believer and dreamer - the Alchemist Adela Ortega offers us a new world of magic, sensations, emotions and experiences.


Being a tireless seeker, her knowledge is the reward of more than 23 years of research, experimentation, failures and successes. The result of indescribable experiences, her understanding of life and nature has led her, to her traverse five continents with passion and confidence towards "finding someday and somewhere ..." striving to "get there enjoying the path." 


The challenges and tests were worthy of the schools of magic ... Discipline, sacrifice, perseverance helped her overcome tests of faith and instilled a deep love for Creation in the Cosmos It's this journey and love that are the keys for achieving her ability to bottle high vibration frequencies "Magically" ...

Born in Teruel, she arrived in India at the age of 18. After traveling for a few months, she settled in Varanasi, a holy city on the banks of the sacred river Ganga, where for two years she studied classical music, with teachers who taught that "infinity is the limit", that "we are frequencies (sound) vibrating love" and that "only love creates". 


For the next eight years, her life was spent in the Indian Himalayas, playing in nature to collect, study and experiment with plants and spices, and the extraction and preparation of oils, tinctures and ointments. These experiences gave her the possibility of acquiring knowledge and mastering practices. 


She then moved to Jaipur, the gemstone cutting capital of the world, where she spent four years discovering the magic of nature, through stones and crystals and their beautiful vibrations and properties.


Finally, she completed her studies by the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain, where she collaborated for 5 years with another alchemist from the Egyptian Schools, of Hindo-Chinese origin.


She founded her school in 2008 and has been creating "magic in a bottle" and spreading to a wider understanding of the interconnectedness of the cosmos and each of us in it.


Adela Ortega currently lives in India, and continues with her studies, experimentation and development, offering us her magic, ever-evolving and always alive. Thanks to the dedication of a lifetime this Modern Woman and Modern Alchemist, pioneers of the eternal-Now reality. She never ceases to amaze us with her magic and the treasures she creates through her knowledge gained from the Ancient Egyptian schools.


Knowledge and wisdom that guides her in creating the magic we now, bring to you.

Adela Ortega. Alive Alchemy. Alquimista