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Tips for best use ...

The "How" depends on you, on what you feel and wish, also depends on the moment in which you find yourself and on your own wise intuition.

Chooses freely, express just as the inspiration of the moment suggests you, you will be guided.

Anointing the

body and


This is the most common practice for everyday use, in any situation.


Users consider that these blends are an experience of "updating and harmonization", “inspiring and empowering”, which awakens the Being to new levels of consciousness, each time, encouraging them to create their reality in a pleasant and loving way.


They will help you to connect with intuition for inspiration, relaxation, boosting own processes consciously, to transform and elevate, increase clarity and confidence, and expand into the dimension where everything is possible and where dreams: create. 


Or simply enjoy a moment of absolute pleasure... delighting with the sensations that the aroma arouses in you ...


Put a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub it with both hands, allowing the oil to be absorbed through the skin. Then bring your hands up to your face and breathe deeply the aroma, the transformation is instantaneous.


You can also apply it to the chakra related to each alchemical blend.


Most users perform three to five daily anointing, applying 1 to 5 drops of the oil each time.


During the first days of use, you will be guided by the person responsible at school. You will be recommend cycles for experimentation and, if necessary, we will teach you to use the cards that  we give away with the complete kit of the 8 blends



It will represent an instantaneous shift for the patient and will provide the masseur the knowledge and energy that contains each of the bottled consciousness, which you'll find described in the properties of each mixture.


Our recommendation is that the patient chooses, through their intuition or the cards of the "Ladies Butterfly". The benefits are transforming and durable.


Dilute two dropper in 50 ml of base oil. We especially recommended, argan oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil or almond oil (depending on the season and type of skin)

Holistic &

Healing Arts

The oils will help you to...


- Purify and prepare the space to meditate or perform healing.

- Relaxes the mind of everyday thoughts and help us focus on the chosen path.

- Amplify the channeling, giving us clarity and understanding.

- Harmonize the chakras and our own vibrations through the codes contained therein. Restore the brightness of our aura.

- Consciousness contained in mixtures will help us anchor the energy from heaven to earth, awakening the senses, and teaching us the language in which nature and spirit communicate.

- They will help us in our service to the universe through honoring the patient and ourselves.

- The oils are great to harmonize, and guide towards the intention, the energy in the groups.

- Natural complement to yoga, strengthening the physical and mental capacity.

- They are also highly appreciated by those who are Reiki; and remain indispensable for technologists at the School.

- Aromatherapists find in these blends Inspiration and Magic.

- In general we recommend to all who work the energies, magnetic fields of the Being and its various subtle bodies. To those who are working the healing of bodies through the release of guilt, lack of acceptance and denial.

- Also for those who are dedicated to raising the consciousness, since they will recognize in these blends generous and stimulating companions. A source of inspiration which connects to the Cosmic Source.


Choose one or more oils, and surprise yourself feeling the "absolute perfection in everything, in all creation, in yourself."


You will feel your energy and magnetic fields increase and expand, and that your intuition joins its source in the Universal Conscious, receiving energy with which you can bring your healing capacity to new unsuspected levels.


These blends have been developed from a mystical consciousness, in which all the realities flow and merge in harmony.


We do not represent an ideology or dogma, as the blends have been elaborated, to awaken in each Being their own unique skills and innate qualities.


Our school motto is: "Every dreamer has the right to live his dream. All the dreams of the dreamers are indispensable and irreplaceable".

Applied as


Since ancient Egypt, essential oils have been one of the most powerful rejuvenating and restorative cosmetic, used throughout tour history.


We recommend its application on the face at night.

In the descriptions of each of the blends you'll find the specific benefits, so you can choose according to your skin type, time of year and the weather where you are.


You can also use them for the whole body; we recommend diluting the alchemical blend into argan oil or almond oil.


Per 50ml of of the base oil you chose, add two dropper of the blend.


Effects of use in an Atomizer

Relaxing, protector, activates, release and unload our etheric bodies and the environments.


You can vaporize both at home and at work. Just spray it in the ambient


This practice is essential for those who work with the energy in themselves or in other, purifies and consecrates spaces.


After choosing the oil, fill a spray bottle with water and add a few crystals or gems, then deposited the oil until the aroma feel intensely.


We recommend using small atomizers, so it does not spoil.




Since ancient times the baths have preceded major initiations or transformations of the Being and from this awareness are recommended by the school.


The oils work by dissolving the knots formed in the energy channels of our etheric and physical body, harmonizing the frequency at which we vibrate with our original own frequency.


The baths are great for the tissues, helping to oxygenate our cells, promoting the general rest of our body, mind and spirit.


Energetically this practice is one of the most powerful. Has the capacity to transmute and raise deep states of Being, stimulating and boosting to new levels of consciousness, increasing the clear perception, receptivity and natural attitudes.


It promotes inner peace, regeneration, uprooting, purification, healing, expansion and elevation of the Self.


Add a generous handful of Himalayan rock salt in a bowl, and two droppers of the oil, remove it until the salt is completely impregnated with the oil. You can add to the mix some quartz crystals.


Five minutes before getting into the bathtub introduce the bowl preparation into the water.  Stay and enjoy it  for at least 30 minutes.