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Blend Range:




Inspiring you to Enjoy Live

Ibiza Potion

Vitality & Joy, Regeneration,


An oil for when you need to reconnect with the most positive part of yourself, so you can enjoy and easy create happy memories, to keep building through them.

Flowering Source

Self- Esteem & Beauty

Blossoming & Creativity,


For those wishing to reconnect with the most beautiful part of themselves, rebuild their self-esteem, to value themselves positively and to blossom at all levels of their lives

Blend Range:




Inspiring you to Be the Magic

Magic Mu

Love & Rewards, Aloha Spirit


For those who want to experience love at any level of their existence.

Blend Range:




Inspiring you to live and express your Divinity

Divine Isis

Protection & Justice

Magic & Science

Ascension & Immortality

For those who wish to transcend and experience the "no limits" in which we exist. For those who want to experience Being Magic that Creates Life.

Blend Range:




Inspiring you to Create Live

Triple Soul Gate

alive alchemy

Peace & Calm,

Stellar Consciousness,

Universal Key

An oil for when you wish to enjoy a moment of The "Prize" just to remain motivated...

Love Drop

Balance & Certainty,

Emotional Strength,

Self- Conficende

For those wishing to regain control over their emotions, using their strengths and weaknesses to rebuild confidence in themselves

Money Source

Objectivity & Clarity

Success & Satisfaction, Self-Realization

For those who have dared to dream (bigger) or who wants to define their own dreams. For those who wish to immerse in the experience of "self-realization"

Magic Dawn

Acceptance & Adaptation

Karmic Healing & Change

Akashic Record, Motion

For those who wish to awaken their adventurous and pioneering spirit, to embrace the change, to reconnect with their own sacred records, transform their existence and surrender to unveil the mysteries in themselves.

Magic Gaia

Curing & Opportunities,

Presence, Being & Living

Gaia Awareness

"An oil for when you wish to experience the creative consciousness of Earth, heal your body and learn to Be Presence. To be able to apreciate the little things... in order not to miss the real opportunities within them"

Venus Amoris

Grace & Elegance

Passion & Seduction

Chemistry & Magnetism

For those who wish to awaken their ability to "feel enamored” to make others fall in love with themselves, of seducing with elegance and grace, so they enjoy their relationships. To awaken their passion and live exuberant experiences.

Dhan Lakshmi

An oil for those who has decided to stop living “what they can” and wish to start living “what they want”

Richness & Independence

Free Will. Golden Maya

Ark of the Goddess Treasure


Believe & Create

The Good Father

Own Self Potential.

Vision, Action & Creation.

Supreme Spark of Manifestation

For those who wish to “feel safe” and intercede for themselves, take action and nurture their ability to "believe in order to create”. For the Creators´ Heart.