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These blends are...


Belonging to the "Mediterranean & Arabian Collections", elaborated in our school of alchemy, these blends are the reward after years of research and experimenting with the Alchemic knowledge and wisdom, preserved and transmitted in Nature, in the human being, its infinite possibilities, and the Arcane Healing Arts.



Each bottle of 5ml contains:

Argan oil 100% Bio. Extracted from first pressure.

Essential oils 100% Natural.

Quartz, Crystals, Stones and selected gems.

Spices, Plants, Seeds and flowers.



The bottling is handmade, as all the artistry process.

The arts and sciences we study and use for the processing are:

Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Semiotics, Numerology, Healing power of the plants and spices, our own holistic technology and the quantum physics, all this gives us as result, this gentle, inspiring and transforming "Lady Butterflies".

How to use and apply


Anointing: daily or cyclic (recommended by the alchemist), applied on the palms of the hands, on the face, the neck, and shoulders, start at your fourth chakra.


Empowering Massages: with each blend, or the mixture of various together, each massage will represent a liberating, uplifting and healing experience. To know which oil to use, read about the emotional benefits in each mixture.


Holistic Therapies: you will find the levels in which they act, in the description of the holistic benefits of each blend.


Sacred Baths: enhancers journeys ... prepared with Himalayan rock salt, quartz, gems, flowers, spices...


Vaporized in the environment: to transform and elevate the energy ... in ourselves ... around us.


Natural Cosmetics: you'll find the description for each mixture in the cosmetic benefits section. Find your skin type and enjoy its benefits.The Mediterranean Ladies Butterfly collection is composed of eight blends, you can use them one by one, with specific targets or you can use the complete kit of 8 Ladies, for what we teach you to use them through your intuition, basically.

What are they for? 


You can use them for their cosmetic and physical benefits, to work yourself on the emotional level or for your holistic practices.


In general, to improve your life while you're winning consciousness about who are you and what for you're here. Or just ... to remember how to enjoy what life offers you, while you design and pursue your goals during your eternity.


We call them…  “Butterfly Ladies”, Ladies of the transformation.


Due to the essential oils are great conductors and because of their very small molecular weight, consciousness channeled into them makes it to each of the molecules that make up your Human Being, even going beyond the blood-brain barrier, which gives access to the limbic system. Allowing the information contained within each blend , reach your whole being within minutes, with the intention of boosting your personal processes, to inspire you to elevate your states, so you can create your reality without trauma, consciously. Enjoying the “free will” that you are entitled.


The effects of each blend are different for each person, but always related to the consciousness that contain ... Everything depends on the personal "here and now" in which they act.


Their high vibration is capable of retuning the frequency at which vibrates your whole Being, with the own original sound.